All those who suffer an accident during the current State of Alarm will wonder what will happen to them in the event that they have to go to hospital or receive rehabilitation due to the accident, we inform you about what to do in the event of a traffic accident.


Can I go to the emergency room if I have had a traffic accident?


During the State of Alarm decreed to stop the Coronavirus, citizens are committed to collaboration and solidarity with the entire population, aimed at avoiding any action on our part that could lead to a minimum of contagion. Likewise, our commitment extends to avoiding going to the emergency room, to avoid further collapse of the health service, unless we are facing a serious situation.


In other words, if we suffer an accident during the state of alarm, and it results in a serious injury, we will inevitably have to go to the doctor, but if we are dealing with whiplash we should avoid it.


However, this does not mean that we cannot claim compensation for our injuries. However, we have to safeguard the chronological criterion of 72 hours, to avoid the insurance company denying the existence of a causal relationship between the accident and the injury.


To do this, we turn firstly to article 135 of Law 35/2015 on the assessment of damages caused to persons in traffic accidents, which establishes that, in order to safeguard the chronological criterion, within 72 hours after the accident, either the symptoms must manifest themselves or the injured person must receive medical attention.


In this sense, as we have pointed out that during the State of Alarm we should not go to the emergency room for a minor injury, we opt for the other alternative.


Therefore, we will have to prove that the symptoms of the injury have appeared within 72 hours after the accident. To do this, here are some ideas, such as going to the pharmacy within 72 hours and, after telling the specialised staff about your situation, buying the recommended mediation and keeping the purchase invoice.


Request, within 72 hours, a medical recommendation by e-mail to a doctor to whom we have access and follow his or her recommendations and prescriptions. Always filing the exchanged e-mails, make use, also within 72 hours, of the APP SALUD RESPONDE of the Junta de Andalucía, where after inserting our Social Security number, we will have access to an internal messaging service to make queries, and where any management is recorded.


Will I receive rehabilitation treatment during confinement?



In accidents during the State of Alarm, injured persons will receive rehabilitation treatment.


This will be done online or by phone, and will be carried out by a physiotherapist or rehabilitator, with continuous medical follow-up by the assigned traumatologist.


Trafilex partner clinics


Trafilex also has a network of clinics strategically located in order to provide a quality service and offer the greatest comfort to the injured person for accidents during the Alarm State.


The clinics associated with Trafilex are:


Clínica La Victoria, in Málaga.

CUME Clinic, in Benálmadena.

Hospital Boris, in Fuengirola.

Ceram Hospital, in Marbella


Trafilex helps you with your accident during the state of alarm.


Trafilex takes care of all the formalities of the accident during the state of alarm, from the moment of its occurrence until the final collection of the compensation. The State of Alarm is not an obstacle to the normal processing of the case or its successful completion.