LEGAL DEFENCE is a clause contained in the vast majority of motor insurance policies.


First of all, we must know that when we suffer a traffic accident, we have the right to choose a private and specialised lawyer, instead of being represented by the company's lawyer, as the latter is just that, the company's lawyer, not the company's insured.


Secondly, we must know what legal defence is and what it is for. Legal defence is a guarantee, coverage or economic item reserved in our car policy to pay the fees of the private lawyer that we choose. In this way, we can choose a private lawyer, trustworthy and specialised in the matter, so that they can represent us in the management of our accident, practically free of charge. 


These clauses usually establish a maximum limit of coverage in most policies, to be determined according to the company and the type of policy. 


In the event of a conflict of interest, the Insurance Contract Law prevents the application of a limit to the legal defence cover. We are faced with a conflict of interests in claims in which, for example, there are two vehicles involved, both insured with Mapfre. 


In short, the legal defence clause is an important coverage when dealing with a traffic accident, as it allows us to choose a private lawyer specialised in the matter to represent us and look after our interests at a minimum cost or zero cost.