One of the questions being asked by many people and workers who have to go to work during the state of alert due to the Coronavirus is how to travel by car during the state of alert, and the repercussions of this situation on the traffic of vehicles on the roads.  As an introduction, we must start with the fact that the circulation of private vehicles is permitted, but it is limited to the activities listed in article 7 of RD 463/2020 of 14 March, which allows people to leave their homes.



In other words, we will be able to travel by car during the state of alarm only to:


  • Purchase food or pharmaceutical products and basic necessities
  • Go to health centres, services and establishments
  • Travelling to the place of work
  • Return to the place of habitual residence
  • Caring for the elderly, underage and disabled people
  • Travelling to financial and insurance institutions
  • Due to force majeure or a situation of necessity



Can two people travel in the same car during quarantine?


To answer this question, we must also refer to the aforementioned article 7 of the RD. From its reading, we can see that, in the event that we have to travel by car during the state of alarm, we must do so individually, unless we are accompanying an elderly person, a disabled person or an underage.


What do I need to do to be able to drive without being fined?


The law does not determine how we must prove that our departure from the house is within the limits allowed by the RD, nor does it require us to carry a receipt from the company when we travel to our place of work.


The State Security Forces and Corps that enforce compliance with the RD on the streets, will be in the specific case, using common sense, and being protected by the law to carry out the appropriate questions and checks to verify the reason for the journey.


It is true that the checks will be quicker if we have a supporting document when we travel, for example, to our workplace. Here you will find a form for all of us to use.


Certificate of the need to travel for work purposes


Below you can download a standard certificate of need to travel for work in PDF format, in case you need to use it as proof of your commute to work.


Does the insurance cover me during a state of alarm?


Yes, the insurance covers you when you have to travel by car during a state of alarm. This is no different from driving under normal conditions.


Is it possible to hire a car to travel during the state of emergency?


Yes, according to the Ministerial Order of 23 March, since 24 March, the opening of car rental offices without a driver is permitted, and therefore the rental of vehicles, as long as the purpose is one of the journeys permitted in article 7 of Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14 March.