The rate of the traffic accident scale has increased by 3.8% this year 2024 compared to the figures for the previous year.


Why has the scale been raised in 2024?


This does not mean that the rule is changed every year. Since it came into force in 2016, the way of applying the scale is always the same, what is modified are the amounts that the victim will be entitled to claim. 


The 3.8% increase in 2024 is the Government's response to the increase in the average CPI between December 2022 and November 2023. In the same way that it affects pensions, based on Art. 49 of the LRCSCVM, the road accident scale also sees its percentage and amounts increase. 


If the rise in pensions directly affects the schedule of scales, the same happens with the minimum wage, whose rise directly affects the items of loss of earnings due to temporary injuries for injured persons with exclusive dedication to housework, in addition to the net income that must be taken into account to calculate this section.


Finally, the rise in the minimum wage also affects the cost of third-party assistance services as well as the aforementioned calculation of loss of earnings, but on this occasion due to the total or total incapacity of injured persons who have not yet entered the labour market.


Compensation for road traffic accidents 2024


With this increase, the daily compensation for temporary injuries, one of the most consulted indexes, would look like this: 

  • Very serious day = 123,55€.
  • Severe day = 92,66€ 
  • Moderate day = 64,25€.
  • Basic day = 37,06€.



When does the 2024 accident scale come into force?


Although it came into force with the arrival of the new year, this does not mean that it applies to accidents that occurred in that year. 


According to the first point of article 40 of the LRCSCVM, the updates must be applied at the moment at which the compensation is determined, either by amicable agreement or by a court decision.



Thus, the 2024 schedule will apply to all decisions dated in this year, regardless of when the accident or collision occurred.


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